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Find out about SMS best practices to ensure you use text messaging wisely

Alpha or numeric sender id? Virtual number or shortcode? We're always on hand to explain how it all works

95% of is sms is read within 2 mins and most people reply instantly

600% more responses to sms marketing than with email marketing

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Learn how GDPR may affect your SMS communications and marketing plans

Beware of buying-in data. Don't spray and pray. Segment your database. Just a few top tips

79% of marketers say mobile marketing is core to their business

SMS notifications are an effective way to send important and timely information

campaign experience

Day of week, time of day, frequency, personalisation. It all matters. Let us explain

We've seen thousands of marketing campaigns and know what make a good one; and bad one!

98% of texts are read, higher than any other form of marketing

SMS is increasingly highly trusted for consumer/brand engagement

industry knowledge

If you are reselling then we can advise on price-points and client expectations

Learn from our 17 years experience and have the inside track on getting the best from SMS communications

59% of consumers prefer to receive order updates by text

197% increase in business use of sms marketing in past 2 yrs

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