"This was an incredibly innovative use of mobile technology from SMS Expert and years ahead of its time"

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API's and Techie Help

Hook your systems into the SMS gateway, with ongoing help from a technical expert

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Quickly hook your systems into HTTPs Post API's with very little coding

Setup webhooks to forward reply SMS, optouts and delivery receipts back to your own HTTP endpoints

built by techies, for techies

The API's are extremely robust, having been well used by clients for 18 years

We personally wrote and tested all of the 683,512 lines of code that run the SMS platform and secure API's

technical docs and help

We have prepared a full set of documentation together with sample PHP scripts

Let us review your code and provide code snippets to support you through integration

technology led

As fellow developers, managed clients can call us anytime to talk techie

With over 18 years SMS & technology experience, we're happy to guide you with using our API's

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