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SMS Charges Explained

Let us explain some of the charges you may find on your mobile bill

our 60300 shortcode

texting to 60300 will only cost 'standard rate'

This is usually in the range of 10p-15p for UK users, depending on your phone contract

'Standard rate' is not the same as 'premium rate'. You will never be charged 'premium rate' by us

our virtual mobile numbers

texting to virtual mobiles is usually free out of bundle

If your contract charges you for texting to virtual mobiles it will only be 'standard rate'

'Standard rate' is usually in the range of 10p-15p for UK users, depending on your mobile phone contract

premium rate sms

we do not have the ability to charge 'premium rate'

If your mobile operator sent you to us because of a 'premium rate' charge, they are wrong!

Please contact your operator and insist that the 'premium rate' charge is not related to SMS Expert or iTagg

Payforit billing

we do not have the ability to use 'Payforit'

If your mobile operator sent you to us because of a 'Payforit' charge, they are wrong!

Please contact your operator and insist that the 'Payforit' charge is not related to SMS Expert or iTagg

I am questionning some strange charges on my mobile phone bill

You have most likely arrived at this page because you are questioning a strange charge on your mobile phone bill and your mobile phone operator has told you we at SMS Expert (also known as iTagg) are responsible. Over the years we have realised that in 99.9% of cases the operator is wrong!

My mobile operator told me SMS Expert (a trading name of iTagg Limited) are responsible

So lets step back a moment. The reason we wrote this page is because very often the mobile Operators, or rather the staff you speak to in their shops or in their call-centres do not know how to read their own bills properly. Sad but true! They will often see the 60300 SMS text shortcode on your mobile phone bill and inform you that SMS Expert operate this and are therefore responsible for everything that you may have issue with. They give out our contact details and pass the buck as fast as possible. They probably do it with other SMS shortcodes operated by our competitors too! Lazy customer service is what we call it. The following information will hopefully explain what they should have explained if they understood their own bills...

I believe SMS Expert have charged my mobile phone bill

SMS Expert manages the 60300 SMS text shortcode and offers services to other business using this shortcode. Those businesses use it as part of SMS text related services that they offer to their own customers - possibly including you. If you have used one of these services by another company and have sent a text to the 60300 SMS text shortcode then you will have been charged a 'standard rate sms' by your mobile Operator - this varies greatly but can be in the region of 10p-15p. It is a standard charge as defined in your contract with the mobile Operator and usually falls outside the free bundle of texts you are given. For example you may have 'texted the word PARK to 60300 to arrange for your car parking'. This cost should have been clearly outlined to you by the company that operates the service that you used. If you have any questions about the costs incured for this service or whether you are subscribed to any SMS text related service then you must contact the company that provided the service as they are fully responsible for the service you used.

Have I been billed for texting a virtual mobile number

SMS Expert also manages what we call virtual mobile numbers. These look exactly like normal UK mobile numbers and we operate them in conjunction with a couple of the main UK mobile Operators such as Vodafone and O2. Again, we offer the use of these numbers to other businesses so they can offer SMS text related services to their customers - possibly including you. In 99.9% of cases, if you send a text to one of these numbers the cost of it will be free out of your bundle of monthly free texts. However depending on the specific tariff and contract you have with your mobile Operator, there may be a tiny percentage of mobile users who have to pay a 'standard rate sms' to your mobile Operator for this text. And those on a Pay As You Go contract may also have to pay, but this charge should usually never be more than a 'standard rate sms' as defined in your mobile Operator contract.

I have been charged a premium rate by SMS Expert

Well that is nothing to do with us. Premium rate billing SMS is a regulated service and not one we offer, or indeed have any access to. If you have been told we have caused you a premium rate SMS charge to your bill then your mobile Operator is mistaken. In such a case please have them contact us to explain themselves - we do not take such accusations lightly so let them know to ensure they have their facts 100% correct before calling.

I have incured a Payforit charge by SMS Expert

Sorry, that is also wrong. Payforit is also a service we simply do not offer. Nothing to do with us. Your mobile Operator is wrong again.

I am subscribed to a service run by SMS Expert

With all due respect, you are not. SMS Expert only offers it's SMS text message related services to businesses. They then package them up and offer SMS related services to consumers such as yourselves. If you are subscribed to any SMS text service then it is likely to be with one of our business clients. Please think carefully about which SMS text services you may have used recently and which company advertises and operates them. Then please contact that company to discuss any SMS text related charges or subscriptions.

How do I block my phone from getting future charges

Unfortunately we cannot assist you with this. Please have a good think about which SMS text services you may have used or signed up for that incur charges or subscriptions to your mobile phone bill. Contact those companies directly to discuss the services and confirm whether you are still subscribed for future charges. We are not lawyers, however we are aware that there are many industry regulations and laws that will require them to adhere to your request if you wish to block your number from receiving future texts from them. If you cannot get hold of them or they refuse to block your number or discuss the matter then you should probably contact the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and raise the matter with them.

I'm still not clear, can SMS Expert help me further

Unfortunately we cannot assist you directly. If your mobile Operator has passed you to us then we're sorry to say they have passed you to the wrong people. Please have a good think about which SMS text services you may have used during the period covered by you mobile phone bill, and then contact those companies directly to discuss any charges or subscriptions you are unhappy with. If your mobile Operator still believes SMS Expert is responsible then the best way for us to resolve that is for us to speak with your mobile Operator - please have them contact us directly.

How to contact us if you are really sure we caused any non-standard rate charges

If you still wish to discuss this matter further then please email us at care@smsexpert.co.uk.

Ensure you include a scan of the relevant part of your mobile phone bill together with your name, mobile number and dates/times of disputed charges. We cannot take the matter any further and will not respond to you if we do not receive a copy of your bill.

We cannot discuss this matter by phone until we have received all of the above and had time to investigate. Please do not call to chase the matter; we will contact you back once we have investigated.

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