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Full reporting of SMS delivery, clicks, replies + optouts. Our team can even build you bespoke reports

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SMS experts since 2001...

When we launched iTagg in 2001, the web-based dashboard and our HTTP API's were pretty much everything we did. Even now with our Bureau and Bespoke services, whether we are using them to manage client campaigns and build personalised SMS solutions, or whether clients use them as self-service marketing tools, the dashboard and api's are still core to our entire business.

We are pretty proud of the fact that our SMS dashboard and HTTP API's were possibly the first ever web-based self-service SMS communications and marketing tools in existence and are still delivering many millions of SMS every month.

So how does the SMS Dashboard work... If you decide to manage your own SMS communications and marketing campaigns then the quickest way to do this is to login to a simple cloud-based dashboard, prebuy some SMS credits, upload a file containing your communications and marketing SMS text messages and your list of numbers and then hit a nice easy 'Send' button. That's what iTagg offers. Simple! Imagine Gmail but for texts instead of email.

Of course there are other options and tools such as scheduling future sends or setting up auto-replies. Delivery receipts, replies, optouts and click-throughs can all be tracked instantly and downloaded as easy to read reports. Blacklists of opted-out numbers can be managed and automatically updated when people reply with STOP to your SMS. If you send out an SMS campaign and want people to reply for a free callback, then forward the replies in realtime as emails to your call-centre so they can immediately makes the sales call while your lead is hot!

"and another thing ... In 2004 iTagg built the UK's first cross-network bespoke location service for The Good Pub Guide and Random House. Journalists had a lot of fun testing it, especially the 'find NEXT pub' option!" see more...