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SMPP is not for the faint hearted. SMPP is what the big players in the SMS industry uses between themselves to push SMS back and forth. Many of the Mobile Operators use it too. If you're a large enterprise then it may make sense to use SMPP too, so please call so we can chat through the options.

But in simple terms, what is SMPP ... imagine traditional ways of delivering bulk SMS (e.g. cloud based dashboards, CSV file uploads and HTTP API's) as a fairly quiet 3 lane motorway but with occasional bursts of high traffic. In comparison SMPP is your own 10 lane freeway dedicated to your traffic with no delays or holdups and each lane wide enough to push as much SMS as you could ever want. Generally though most businesses wouldn't even start thinking about SMPP until volumes of SMS were perhaps topping 1 million per day. Anything less should be absolutely fine on the 3 lane motorway!

From a technical perspective, SMPP is a typical client-server setup, with iTagg providing the Server end, and you, the customer implementing a Client. Binding these Clients and Servers together over the internet effectively creates a big pipe, allowing you to pour SMS into it at speeds that CSV file uploads or HTTP API's can never touch.

But speed, throughput and reliability come at a big cost. Many off-the-shelf SMPP-Client solutions can be expensive to purchase and would require you to have dedicated technical staff to manage them. Some open-source code exists to create your own Client, but again this would require a big commitment and development budget. iTagg has used one of these in the past, and had to spend quite some time debugging it!

If you are just starting out on the SMPP journey then give us a call and we'll be happy to guide you. But if you already have an SMPP-Client in place then we can help you bind it to our SMPP-Server in a matter of minutes - just call to get a trial account setup today.

"and another thing ... In 2009 iTagg worked with a leading marketing agency to prepare and deliver picture messages for KFC Restaurants. Users texted in to our shortcode and got a photo back of a lovely KFC breakfast - mmmmm!" see more...