Mobile Data

7 million opted-in mobile numbers for texting


online targeting, count
and segmentation tool

Quickly access sms data, start sending SMS campaigns today

Maximised performance. Guaranteed compliance


data is rigorously cleaned
and updated daily

All data is PECR compliant and necessary warrants are available

7 million mobiles, opted-in for SMS and ready to use today


low bounce rates and
minimal complaints

Quickly create in-house data driven text marketing campaigns

200,000,000 insights that are recent, relevant and responsive


opt-in ensures campaigns
are 100% compliant

A targeting tool that counts millions of records in seconds

Easy to use, fast and no sign-up fees or upfront licence costs

Search now for your ideal target data


If you need opted-in mobile number data to begin your SMS marketing campaigns then we recommend you chat to leading data provider, DataOnDemand. They are data experts and can supply almost 7 million UK mobile numbers which are opted-in for SMS and can be segmented geographically and on many other criteria.

DataOnDemand's search + count service is completely free and will help you find exactly the kinds of leads you require and tell you how many contacts are available. Once you have purchased your mobile lists from DataOnDemand then let us help deliver your SMS campaigns to your new opted-in data.

1. use DataOnDemand's free search+count tool (see link below) to create a filter of your ideal data

2. click the Enquire button within DataOnDemand's search+count tool to save your filter and request a quote from them

3. DataOnDemand will email or call you to discuss your data and give you a price

4. purchase your data from DataOnDemand and then give iTagg a call to arrange an SMS text marketing campaign to your new contacts

click here to start your free DataOnDemand search+count

or contact DataOnDemand directly (mentioning iTagg)... phone: 0113 2372 815, email:

(all data is provided directly to you by DataOnDemand and you will contract with them directly. iTagg is not involved in the provision of data and is unable to discuss specific data requirements or prices. It is your responsibility to ensure that any data you purchase or rent is fully opted-in for the purposes of sending SMS and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.)