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The new GDPR regulation came in on 25th May 2018. It has a big affect on how your business carries out communications and marketing.

GDPR impacts all aspects of your business and the way you process customer & user data. As a leading consultancy that helps businesses with SMS communications, marketing and technology, it therefore feels right that during 2018, the SMS Expert blog will be GDPR focused.

Please follow the links to read the latest GDPR News, see opinions from industry experts and view a whole range of useful information to help you and your business #getGDPRready. Of course, you will find plenty of information about SMS communications and marketing as well.

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Useful InfoGDPR

start your journey here and #getGDPRready

Events + Webinars...

Multiple Dates: Book onto a DMA webinar now to getGDPRready

21st May 2018: Webinar, the final countdown to GDPR

30th April 2018, GDPR and HubSpot: Live Q&A Session and Product

23rd April 2018, The GDPR Summit London

18th April 2018, DMA Webinar: GDPR - 10 practical steps to prepare you for the new regulation

18th April: Data-sharing post GDPR

11th April, 3pm: GDPR: A Twitter Q&A from the DMA

4th April 2018, FREE GDPR data protection seminar

27th March 2018, GDPR Essentials for Marketers

26th March 2018, DMA Webinar: Meeting the challenges of your third-party GDPR processor requirements

12th March 2018, DMA Webinar: a B2B GDPR update

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)...

ICO's new guide to Legitimate Interest

ICO Commissioner Elizabeth Denham talking about GDPR

Making data protection your business

Getting ready for the GDPR

Guide to the GDPR

12 steps for businesses to take now

The ICO's myth buster

ICO advice service for small organisations

Data Protection Network (DPN)...

The DPN's blog of all things GDPR

The DPN's overview of GDPR

ePrivacy Regulation: What can we expect

Direct Marketing Association (DMA)...

The GDPR isn’t as terrifying as you might think

DMA GDPR guidance: Consent and Legitimate Interests

Book onto a DMA webinar now to getGDPRready

The DMA's blog of all things GDPR

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)...

Get the MMA's take on GDPR


Useful information from GDPR:Summit


Why GDPR means it’s time to get to know your customers

Why GDPR opportunities far outweigh the costs

A blog of all things GDPR from Econsultancy

Simply Docs...

Legal document templates for GDPR


GDPR video from perspective of a USA-based domain name seller


catch up on all the latest GDPR news

WhatsApp BAN: Why YOU might not be able to access app after change next month

Most organisations unprepared for GDPR, survey finds

How to handle the flood of GDPR privacy updates

NHS trusts spend £1 million to prepare for GDPR

CMO Today: Zuckerberg Prepares for Congress Hearings; Tech Giants Tackle GDPR; #MeToo and Madison Avenue

Europe is dealing with Facebook in a way the U.S. hasn't

Facebook refuses to promise GDPR-style privacy protection for US users

Here’s How Facebook Is Getting Ready For GDPR

Parsons Lab launches an online platform to generate GDPR legal docs

Is GDPR behind Facebook's privacy shift?

Apple to roll out new privacy features to comply with EU rules

AWS says its entire cloud is GDPR-ready

Could the entire DNS Whois collapse over GDPR?

Gartner say don't be creepy to data crunchers

GDPR poses a stiff challenge for ecommerce

WhatsApp sharing user data with Facebook would be illegal, rules ICO

WhatsApp public commitment not to share data - the document

WhatsApp signs public commitment not to share data

GDPR: A problem you may not know about

GDPR and the evolution of data protection

The BBC’s a ‘GDPR minefield’, says test manager

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Preparing for GDPR

GDPR 2018: What is General Data Protection Regulation? When does it apply?

Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe's new framework to aid with GDPR compliance

72% of Brits haven’t heard about GDPR

The role of technology in data protection under the GDPR

What does GDPR mean for the recruitment industry

Are your employees putting your organisation at risk

Local councils call for government funding for GDPR compliance

So the suits swanned off to GDPR events leaving you at the coalface? It's really more IT's problem

Even The Sun has a take on GDPR


follow the opinions of industry experts on GDPR

How will GDPR - the new data protection law - affect you?

Windrush immigration papers scandal is a big fat GDPR fail for UK.gov

Hints and tips to help firms get GDPR ready

How small businesses are tackling GDPR

Congress won’t hurt Facebook and Zuck, but GDPR and Europe could

With GDPR, consent is not always king for advisers

GDPR: Is time running out or is the clock just starting?

The GDPR’s Legitimate Interest Is Creating Legitimate Confusion

GDPR: Inspiring consumer data best practices

GDPR is Not a Ticking Timebomb for Huge Fines

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GDPR, The Digital Workplace and Employees' Rights

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Golf clubs and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Cambridge Analytica and the Repercussions for GDPR

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U.S. Businesses Can't Hide From GDPR

GDPR: What's all the fuss about?

GDPR affects B2B marketers too

Is your charity ready for GDPR?

Everything hoteliers need to know about GDPR

GDPR, what a complete and utter pain in the backside”

Worried about GDPR? Verto have got you covered

Google sheds more light on Right To Be Forgotten requests

Single most important thing you need to do before the GDPR

GDPR from the perspective of a data provider

GDPR from the perspective of a digital agency

GDPR from the perspective of a web design company

GDPR Beyond Borders: Expert Guidance for Global Brands

GDPR – Why Consent Should Be Used As A Last Resort

GDPR: ten easy steps all organisations should follow

GDPR Essential knowledge for business

GDPR, how we can help your business to comply by May 2018

Re-consenting to marketing under GDPR?

GDPR from the perspective of a USA-based domain name seller

Post GDPR and ‘Soft Opt-In’ For Marketing

GDPR for marketers: Five examples of 'Legitimate Interests'

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