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help clients benefit from
SMS + grow your profit

Businesses who use your EPoS, CRM, Ecommerce, Helpdesk or Booking systems can all benefit from adding SMS into the mix

Integrate and resell SMS at a profit. Or earn commissions from referring clients to our SMS Bureau service


enhance your marketing
toolbox by offering SMS

If your clients aren't using you for SMS communications and marketing then it's likely they are using someone else instead

Resell or refer. Named partner or whitelabelled subsupplier. We're flexible and can work the way you work


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into your software

Integrating SMS in to any kind of software or app can be a very simple process and will greatly enhance your product

Benefit from our 16 years of SMS technology expertise. We are your technical (and business) partners


contact guests + promote
events using SMS

SMS is very effective for promoting future events or contacting guests during events on behalf of your clients

iTagg's founder and leading industry expert Steve Procter can be part of your team, advising on all things SMS

Be Brilliant at SMS, Together

SMS experts since 2001...

Since we began offering SMS to businesses back in 2001, we have never really seen ourselves just as suppliers. As technology and business entrepreneurs, we have always pushed to grow strategic partnerships with like-minded companies who want to find ways for SMS to improve their bottom-line and add value to their own B2B offerings. This can be by integrating and reselling SMS, or by referring clients directly to iTagg to help directly with their SMS requirements. Or it could even be in a way we haven't thought of yet.

The awareness of our 16 years of SMS experience means we are increasingly being approached to partner a wide range of business referrers, digital marketing companies, event organisers, value-added software vendors, Saas providers, consultancies and other SMS resellers. If you are one of these B2B businesses wanting to add SMS into the mix of what you already offer your own business clients, then like those before you we believe you want to have the best partners and suppliers to help you achieve it. Having done this a number of times, our experience suggests you want an SMS technology and business partner who has a whole suite of benefits you can pick and choose from ... managed bureau services, technical development, consultancy, bespoke solutions, support, advice, experience and real SMS industry expertise.

We take on partners looking to work with a supplier as a long-term project. This gives both sides room to commit, ensuring the levels of useful energy flowing both ways can grow tenfold and allowing iTagg to put huge amounts of knowledge, consultancy and development time into the business relationship. Many of our platform enhancements have come about by talking 'with' long-term partners to find real solutions to help them add value and revenue when offering SMS to their clients. We like to add new features when partners need them, rather than offer the usual 'sorry our platform doesn't do that'. The effort iTagg puts into a partnership goes above and beyond, so of course we like to work with partners that are also doers.

Having spent so long in technology, we appreciate there can be a significant technical commitment and financial outlay required by a new partner to plug your own solutions and IT systems into a new provider. This is why it is useful to find a shorter-term trial model that allows new partners to discover SMS and understand the size of the opportunity, before making those big commitments.

As an example of how this can be achieved... we began working with a new partner last year that is a software provider offering an EPoS solution to over 5,000 UK retail businesses. Initially they wanted to test the water to see if providing SMS as part of their bigger offering was viable. They connected us directly with a handful of their trusted clients and allowed us to run SMS marketing campaigns for each of them via our hand-held managed bureau service. We worked closely with our partner, cutting them in on a commission and sharing & discussing results so that they could evaluate the opportunity for integrating their software more deeply with iTagg's SMS gateway API. Having seen the success they have now decided to proceed with integrating SMS communications and marketing into their software and will use us as their delivery partner. But for some of their trial clients who prefer the hand-held model, we have also been asked to continue the bureau service. A win-win-win as they say.

There is so much more we could write about the specifics of how an SMS reseller or referral model could work. But the point of working in partnership with iTagg to add SMS into your mix, is to find a model that works for 'you'. So lets chat!

"and another thing ... In 2009 iTagg worked with a leading marketing agency to prepare and deliver picture messages for KFC Restaurants. Users texted in to our shortcode and got a photo back of a lovely KFC breakfast - mmmmm!" see more...