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get your sms campaigns
managed as you need

Setup is easy with many off-the-shelf services ready to go

iTagg uses high grade direct routes for maximum reliability

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for your SMS clients

There is no one-size-fits-all. iTagg can find a solution for you

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Experienced UK technical staff can make your sms plans live

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Flexible contracts to suit all your ongoing SMS requirements

Discuss your plans with Steve Procter, a leading SMS expert

Tailor-made always fits better

SMS experts since 2001...

Bespoke can mean endless ideas. But here are a few to get the creative juices going. Have a read and then call us to discuss how we can help with your specific SMS requirements.

Tailored sms bureau service... Our standard SMS bureau service allows us to prepare, send and report on your SMS campaigns, taking all the hard work from you and putting it into our hands. But perhaps you need something a little bit more personalised. Maybe you need us to talk with your marketing team to help plan future campaigns or analyse recent results. Or if you are a digital marketing agency, perhaps you'd welcome an experienced hand during the bidding, planning and design stages for one of your business clients. Our reports on delivery receipts, click-throughs, text replies and optouts are easily readable and can be imported into spreadsheets and most reporting software. But perhaps you require an un-branded report with bespoke fields for passing straight to your client, or maybe a daily email summarising your ongoing campaign results. Whatever it is, iTagg are keen to help.

Branded sms tools... With a robust platform built and managed by ourselves over 16 years, we've realised that adding in new features is fairly painless. So rather than offer 'yet another' SMS platform that forces clients to conform, we're happy to make tweaks here and there to suit you, whether you are an end-business or a partner that is reselling to your own clients. In the past year or so we've created one-off branded reports for many individual clients. We've also implemented a new short-URL click-tracking service that can use your own personalised short domain name.

Bespoke sms platform... We've added many other features over the years, initially for specific clients but with many now available for all iTagg clients. Bespoke features include... an auto-wallet topup and overdraft facility; an API to allow clients to pull delivery statistics whenever they require; the ability to send binary and unicode messages through our API; the ability to setup sub-accounts and transfer funds from a master account; the availability of additional error codes through the delivery receipt API; HLR for global mobiles including USA; a personalised email to SMS gateway service; and MMS picture messages. Over the coming years there will be many more features, maybe one of them will be requested by you.

SMPP or HTTP gateway in a box... The idea for offering a whitelabelled HTTP API came from one of our clients a few years ago. They needed a way to offer SMS to one of their biggest clients, but without disclosing that they used another provider; and they needed it within a week. Our first cut was finished 3 days later and they still use it today. But since then we've added several other features, offer bespoke reporting, have ready-made technical docs for you to pass to your clients, help clients manage multiple accounts and now offer whitelabelled SMPP accounts too. We also take a lot of the pain away from clients by hosting everything and handling most of the back-office and support work. These out-of-the-box solutions are a great way to provide your own SMS service to your clients via SMPP or a HTTP API with little effort.

"and another thing ... In 2005 iTagg provided the official text alerts for yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur's circumnavigation of the globe. Our SMS was the first announcement that she had crossed the finish line!" see more...